A Weekend With The Girls In Dallas

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If you are looking for a week away with the girls, or a good mother daughter vacation, look no further than Dallas, Texas. “Dallas?” you may ask. You read that right, Dallas is the perfect getaway for you and your girlfriends and can also provide with some great mother daughter bonding time. Though you may not think it, Dallas is the ideal destination of you are planning to go on a spa vacation. Dallas is home to three internationally renowned spas.


The first spa worth mentioning, and probably Dallas’ finest is the Koffee House. The Koffee House is known for its unusual treatments, including sushi wraps and the Koffee Kup wrap. If you want to have you body pampered, it is best if you go to the Koffee House spa. For more information you can Google “Koffee House Spa, Dallas.” Trust me, it is well worth it.

If you ask any Dallas local, they will tell you to check out the Spa at the Crescent. Pamper yourself with luxurious and soothing paraphin dips, skin tonic body contouring, and body brushing to help treat cellulite. They offer over 75 fabulous body treatments to choose from, all of which are wonderfully soothing.

If you are willing to spend that extra bit of cash, the Dallas Colon Therapy and Spa is top of the line. They are well known for their “Set-Me-Free Aloe Vera & Herbal Body Wrap.” Additionally, the Aloe Vera and herb inch loss program is a healthy and safe way to tighten skin and loss inches all in one hour.

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