Antarctica As A Cruise Destination

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How about an idea to see the nature real close and explore its untouched beauty? Well, Antarctica is the perfect place for once in a lifetime cruise experience. A delicate transition from crystal blue water to magnificent not only bewilders the tourists but thrusts a feeling of admiration for this untouched beauty which has been saved from human intervention. The pristine continent allows you to camp on its icebergs if the weather permits. Watching an Albatross in its natural habitat is one of the rarest events that you’ll be obliged with here.

The cruise to Antarctica is accompanied by an opportunity to explore Ushuaia on the tip of South America, gaze the arctic waters and cruise your way around the famous South Shetland Islands. Blessed with a pure-white Christmas half the year, you can watch the rarest of species enjoying their time here. From Polar Bears to Sperm whales, Petrels to Penguins, Antarctica is a white Heaven for all.

The most serene views from your deck amidst extreme comfort and luxury seem to be an irresistible offer. The choice of cruise makes a big difference to your overall experience. If you want a complete luxurious trip with all facilities, then any large Cruise-Liner would be a good option. If you are young by heart and want to enjoy the real adventure, then a smaller cruise-line would serve the purpose. Only smaller ships are able to steer the ice-flows for adventurous sports on the Antarctic cruise.
Whaler’s Bay, Half Moon Island, Yankee Harbour for seals and penguins, Cuverville Island, Wilhelmina Bay for feeding whales, Brown Bluff and Antarctic Sound for its mile-long tabular icebergs are the major attractions on this voyage.

Ms Fram is the biggest and newest Norwegian ocean-liner that offers cruise to Antarctica. With 7-star amenities such as Internet cafe’, Wi-Fi, fitness rooms, sauna, spa & Jacuzzi and experienced Norwegian crew make it the first-choice cruise liner for this trip.

So grab the opportunity to be a part of this untouched nature and admire the purest side of Mother Earth.

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