Beach Vacations In Tamarindo

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Until quite recently, Tamarindo was simply a small, quiet beach community situated on Costa Rica’s west coast. As the beauty of the location has captured the imagination of a number of ex-pats – the location has seen a lot of development over the last 15 years or so. The natural, back to basics appeal has diminished, but the beauty of the location is still worth visit. It is also a point of comparison for the other areas of Costa Rica.

If you like a little more ‘civilization’ in your holidays – then Tamarindo offers the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica with the comforts of home. The water’s of Tamarindo are warm, plus there are good surf beaches to be found nearby also. You will find clean beaches and relaxing places to enjoy, with easy access to the many hotels and cafes that line the esplanades. Heading north from Tamarindo, you will find a number of spots where you can see the sea turtles come onto the beaches late at night to lay their eggs. You’re likely to encounter a crowd as this has become a popular attraction in the area. This voyeuristic pastime is an interesting experience, although one is inclined to feel a little sorry for the turtles!

Those who have visited in the past may be a bit sorry to see the development of the area, but if you are on your first visit to Tamarindo, you’re sure to love it!

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