Beaches In Florida

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Yes, they do call it the “Sunshine” state for a reason. From Panama City down to South Beach in Miami, Florida boasts some of the world’s best beaches and for very good reasons. Florida’s beaches have two different types of sand. The rough sand includes broken up shells and other sand that is as comfortable and soft as baking flour. Surprisingly, both of these types of beaches are seen as equals as they have some of the most spectacular views of the sunset and have some amazing wildlife and flora.

Depending on the location and the city the beach is associated with, you can either choose a private beach like St. Georges Island in northern Florida or South Beach in Miami which hosts millions of tourists each and every year. Only a few of the very populated beaches have lifeguards so swimming is considered at your own risk in mostly all of the Florida beaches. Some of the most popular tourist pastimes besides beachside fishing is the collection of shells and sea stars. People use the native Florida shells to use as decorations or simply have as a souvenir and take back to the school and show their friends.

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