Becoming A Flight Attendant

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If you are looking to become a flight attendant, now is the time. With a recent announcement made by United Airlines that they will be hiring over 2000 new flight attendants, the outlook for flight attendants has brightened a great deal over the last few months, and has catapulted the market to the best it has been in five years.


If you are hoping to land a job as a flight attendant, the first place you should start is with the legacy airlines. Legacy airlines are defined as any airline that has influenced the US airline industry. Due to high employment costs, skyrocketing fuel prices, competition for discount airlines, and an overall inefficiency, two of the United Sates’ largest airlines, United Airlines and Continental Airlines are looking to hire thousands of flight attendants.

If you are unable to find a legacy airline willing to hire you, your best bet is to move to the discount airlines. In an attempt to strengthen their image and holding in the airline market, almost every discount airline is hiring flight attendants, specifically, Southwest, AirTran, Alaska Airlines, and Mesa.

If you still haven’t found any airlines willing to hire you, a great option may be start up carriers. Two of the newest airlines, EOS Airlines and MaxJet Airways, have both recently hired, and are expected to hire again as they become more established in the industry. The one major advantage of start up airlines is that they always need new flight attendants, as compared to other airlines who only hire flight attendants when they are expanding their routes or growing faster than expected.

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