Cheaper Discounts At Lesser Known Travel Sites

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We all search Orbitz and Expedia for the best travel deals and use them more often now than any travel agent could have ever imagined. As the may advertise millions of times on television, there are some hidden websites that can help you save even more than have better exclusive deals with the hotels and airlines. Some of these sites have hotels in every city from $19 a night up to the cream of the crop, the 5 star hotels. Search far and wide on the internet and you’ll find some of these hidden gems.

The big websites control the market and the prices, yet they are only allowed a certain part of the market and when the hotels and airlines have a certain allotment that goes unsold by the major chains, they send these “must sell” rooms and airline seats to the smaller brokerage houses and ultimately help the discount websites. Some of these smaller discount websites will not have the hotel room availability as the major websites however the good discounts will come in handy if you plan your vacation plenty of months in advance.

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