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Cruising The Andaman Sea

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Asia is blessed with one of the most exotic places on this earth, yet they are being visited in less number as compared to ordinary cruise destinations. The cruise to the regions lying in & around Andaman Sea is a lifetime opportunity.

Visitors usually start their excursion from Phuket which is famous for its James Bond Islands. They usually grab Yacht Haven Marina or a Star-Cruise regular ocean-liner which are best for such waters. The yachts are well equipped with beautiful suites matching 5-star amenities.

cruise lines for you

The first major halt comes at Koh Ping Kan which is knows as the James Bond Islands. The scenic beauty of this place justifies itself as the first-choice for Bond movies. A traditional fishing village nearby called the Koh Ping Kan is famous for its typical Thai-lunch. Some of the major attractions of Phuket are lime stone cliffs, shiny sand beaches, peaceful sweeping bays and a forested tropical interior.

From beach lounging to various water-sports, beautiful temples and sculptures to five-star resorts, Phuket is blessed in all respects. The enthusiasm of the locales inspires the tourists of their torrid times against the Tsunami.

The next beautiful island is Koh Chon Lat which is known for its huge rock-walls that surround the entire island thus making it useless for sports purpose such as snorkelling, diving and free-sailing.

On the way cruise liners pass by the tiny island of Koh Pak Bia which is a mushroom-shaped rock with shiny sand-beaches makes it an ideal place for snorkelling.
Phuket is the perfect blend of Sin-Portuguese architectures, temples and exotic Thai cuisine.

Andaman Islands are more beautiful than your expectations. Subtle coral-beds, crystal blue waters and dark-sand beaches make it a perfect place for romance-seeking couples and relaxing souls.

With their breezy climates in the second half of the calendar, Andaman, Nicobar and Lakshadweep islands are slowly becoming one of the biggest tourist-spots of Asia.

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