Dating While On Vacation

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Normally, I’m not in the business of giving dating advice here but this is a story I just had to relate to everyone and it does apply to traveling.

I friend of mine recently returned from a trip to Chicago to visit some family. While visiting with an aunt he was unwillingly setup on a blind date. You have to love family, right? Anyway, luckily for my friend there are plenty of things to do in Chicago so even though he wasn’t incredibly familiar with the area the girl he was setup with had plenty of date ideas for the two of them.


They could have gone down to the Navy Pier or hit up Michigan Avenue and kept themselves entertained for hours on end. It turned out they were both baseball fans though so they managed to get pretty decent seats for a White Sox game against the Tigers and have a nice afternoon.

Hitting the dating scene while on vacation or traveling is probably not something that crosses a lot of people’s minds. Sometimes when you’re pushed into that situation you can make the best of the circumstances, have a local show you around town and come home with a nice story for your friends.

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