enployment in travel industry

Employment In The Airline Industry

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Interest in airline careers are on the rise as people are showing more and more desire to get involved with the travel industry. Fresho.com offers an online classified directory of jobs in the airline industry. Their listings are free and cover all of the states in America (as well as D.C.). You can also submit your resume to the site for free as well.

enployment in travel industry

The site has a lot of great tools for people looking for a new job. Their search is fast and simple and lets you look through the entire site by job keyword, city and/or zip code. The site also comes with interactive maps, email notification services for new job postings as well. Included with the job listings are information articles and career profiles for those of you who want to get involved with the airline industry but don’t know exactly where to start.

If the free listings aren’t good enough for you, Fresho.com also offers another form of listing (called a Featured, or Premium listing) that highlights your listing above others on the site. This is entirely optional and the rest of the features on the site are totally free to use for all visitors.

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