Experiencing The Florida Keys

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The Florida Keys, which are the 800-plus islands and islets lying off southern Florida, are at once a flat and expansive mass of all things you’d probably experience in New Orleans only Florida style. The Keys became into existence after many long years of geographic isolation that not only allowed the tropical arrangements to flourish here, but also allowed the native locals to nurture a unique and obviously odd culture seen nowhere else in Florida. Unfortunately, the increased volume of tourist traveling down the 95 mile long sea highway that links the upper and middle keys that make up Key West a masterpiece for all to see.

Florida Keys

For instance, the middle keys are reef-rimmed wilderness populated by happy go lucky folks; on the other they’re a part of the mainstream with shops, stores, business parks and general tourist avoidance areas. You will find the charm of the former is grand prize especially if you stick to areas like Bahia Honda State Park and some of the fascinating and immensely popular coral reef parks. No matter which part of the Keys you visit, you will definitely find something that sticks out of the ordinary of every day life and will remind you that you are in paradise, the Florida Keys.

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