Find Cheap Dublin Flights For A Great Vacation

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For anyone living in the United Kingdom, and looking for an easy vacation, you might want to consider visiting Dublin. There are typically a variety of flights to Dublin on a daily basis throughout the UK. Of course, anyone looking to travel into Ireland from overseas shouldn’t have a hard time finding cheap Dublin flights either. Thanks to the rise of budget airlines the cost of these flights to Dublin have begun to bottom out more and more.

The Dublin Airport, the epicenter of most dublin flights into Ireland, is by far the busiest and most robust airport in the country. The airport in Dublin sees, on average, over 23 million passengers come through its doors each year. That’s almost four times the entire population of Ireland.

Once you’re off the plane there are lots of great things to see and do. Since Dublin is both the capital and the largest city in Ireland, it is the center of tourism in the region. Sports fanatics, especially those of you in love with football, will find no shortage of games and teams to watch during your stay. Croke Park, the site of many athletic events in Dublin, is one of the largest stadiums in Europe. It plays host to soccer, rugby and hurling events.

If sports aren’t quite your thing there are lots of other cultural events and attractions to visit while you’re staying in Dublin. Theaters and the arts play a prominent role in Dublin. Some of the world’s most prolific writers such as William Butler Yeats and Samuel Beckett were from Dublin. This rich writing tradition extends into the acting scene of the city. Anyone interested in the arts will surely find plenty of things to do during their stay.

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