Forget About The Typical Caribbean Cruise

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For years, the main cruise destination has been tropical islands in the Caribbean. When we think of a cruise, we think of the sun, lying on the beach, and the beautiful blue sea. However, cruise ports are popping up all over the world, and there are many unique destinations that aren’t what some people may be use to when choosing a cruise destination. For many people, they will have to forget about the typical Caribbean cruise and open their minds to truly unique and equally spectacular cruise destinations.


Have you ever wanted to visit Europe, yet have felt overwhelmed with navigating through the continent’s highways, rental cars, and train systems? Maybe you have felt that there is so much to do in Europe that you do not know where to start? A European cruise is a wonderful solution to this. In a single trip you can travel to Spain, France, Monte Carlo, Portugal, Italy, Morocco, Turkey, Greece, and even numerous Mediterranean destinations. Explore the vast history of Athens , the mystifying beauty of Nice and Cannes, and the fabulous casinos of Monte Carlo. In general, European and Mediterranean cruises usually attract the adult cruise goers, though family packages may be available for some cruise companies.

The far east is truly a cultural melting pot, with many exotic destinations available. Take in the Asian culture at exotic locations, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, and even China. Become immersed in the unique cultural that each of these destinations offers and have a truly spectacular time.

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