Hostels In Amsterdam

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Hostels in Amsterdam offer one of the most unique and exciting travel experiences in the Netherlands. A hostel is essentially a cheap, or discount, hotel with a dorm-like atmosphere. It’s the perfect solution for travelers looking to keep on a budget but still enjoy their vacation. The hostels in Amsterdam are well situated throughout the city so that they are close to popular tourist attractions.


Amsterdam is well-known for its cultural attractions that are favorites for vacationers and locals alike. There are scores of museums and performing arts centers. In addition to the fine arts, Amsterdam has a wide variety of sports teams; especially for hockey and baseball. The most famous tourist attractions are, without a doubt, the city’s red-light districts. These districts are quite popular even though city officials are actively trying to cut down their numbers.

There are, of course, some downsides to staying in a hostel. What you gain in savings you essentially lose in accommodations and privacy. You’ll just have to decide if that trade-off is worth it to you. The experience of staying in a hostel, especially in a city as wonderful as Amsterdam, might be all the motivation some travelers would need. It makes for quite a travel story when you arrive home.

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