Hotels In Calgary Alberta

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There are a lot of great attraction in Calgary for visitors looking to have a good time in Alberta, Canada. Hotels in Calgary Alberta come in a variety of shapes and sizes (and, naturally, prices as well) so it’s important to make a careful decision when booking your stay in the city.

Some of the best hotels in Calgary are located downtown. The number of tourist spots in downtown Calgary include: the Calgary Zoo, the Telus Convention Centre and World of Science, the Calgary Tower and the Chinatown district. That’s really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to listing all of the things for tourists to do in Calgary’s downtown area.

The west side of Calgary also has its own share of tourist hot spots and fine hotels. Heritage Park Historical Village is probably one of the most popular destinations on this side of the city. It’s a historians dream with its display of what life was like in Albert before and during the early 1900s. The village is comprised of historical buildings dating from the period as well as historical recreations. In addition to the buildings, there are historical vehicles such as trains, boats and streetcars.

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