How to Apply

Cruise line application procedures may vary, but the following statements hold true for all operators:

  • You must follow the application instructions explicitly. For example, if the instructions are to send your resume within the body of an email message, that means no attachments will be accepted. Some operators have been burned by virus-laden attachments; if you submit your resume as attached your message will automatically be deleted.
  • Your cover letter should be brief and addressed to the right person. Don’t come across as wanting a job — tell the cruise line operator what skills you will bring to them. Too many people fail to grasp that cruise lines are looking for talent — what will you bring to XYZ Cruises?
  • Make sure that your resume is accurate and up-to-date. Remember, a resume features the highlights of your career, not every single job you have held. You should go back a full ten years or, if you are a student fresh out of school, list school activities, volunteer opportunities and the skills you bring with you (i.e., you are fluent in Spanish or French; you know how to set a table and wait on diners; you can sing, dance or otherwise entertain people, etc.) References should be listed on a separate document.
  • If you are invited to attend an open house or are called in for an interview, arrive at least 15 minutes in advance of the time you are to appear. Latecomers will be considered as undependable — cruise lines run on a strict schedule and need disciplined staff only.

Your career aspirations as a deckhand, shipmate, wait staff, casino worker, entertainment officer, or other shipboard personnel can be enhanced if you follow standard business protocol. Working onboard an ocean liner can be an exciting opportunity — put your best foot forward to ensure your employment success!

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