Your Cover Letter

When applying for any cruise line opportunity, a cover letter is an essential component of the application process. Whether sending your resume via postal mail or email, a cover letter introduces to people who you are and what you can do for them.

The following Do’s and Do Not’s will help you get your cover letter right:

Do: For postal mail cover letters, you will want to include your name, address, phone and cell phone numbers and your email address — the same information that should be found on top of your resume.

Do Not: If your email address is unprofessional, for example, you should use an address that is generic. Why have someone’s perception of you be effected by the email address you have used?

Do: Address your letter to the right person with the right title at the right address if known.

Do Not: If a contact person’s name isn’t known Dear Sir isn’t an acceptable way to address the person reading your letter. Use Ladies and Gentlemen and leave it at that.

Do: Reference the job you are applying for within the body of your message. Mention why you are suited for the job (i.e., your experience and/or talents) and highlight one or two points already mentioned on the resume.

Do Not: Ramble or beg for a job. Remember: you have a service you want to provide for them. The fact that you will get paid to work is not relevant at this point. Cruise lines are looking for talent and for people who are customer oriented. Human resource professionals have hundreds of cover letters and resumes to scour through every month — set yours apart from the pack by being professional and attending to every detail.

Finally, when finishing up your cover letter you will want to sign it if going by postal mail or close your email with your name. Don’t forget to send in your resume and if references are required, send those along as well.

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