Little Known Cruise Destinations

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With the cruise industry growing more and more every year, the number of ports is sure to increase as well, making it hard to choose a cruise destination. But choosing a great cruise destination can be easy if you do a little before hand research.

Though Africa may not be the first destination you think of when you are choosing a cruise destination, it is great place. You can cruise down the Nile, through the Suez Canal, or visit Morocco. Each cruise allows you to explore the culture of Africa. There are even some cruises that travel between Cape Town (South Africa) and Lisbon (Portugal), with stops along the way such as winery excursions, safaris, and cultural exhibits.

Alaska is amongst the most beautiful places on Earth and an Alaskan cruise is a great way to experience its wonder and beauty. Alaskan cruises have grown quite popular over the years, and with good reason. Participate in activities like sea kayaking, whale watching, golf, or go for a swim in the ship’s pool as you float by a glacier. Alaskan cruise season is only five months and during this time over one million passengers take part in an Alaskan cruise.

If you are looking for a truly exotic experience, a South Pacific cruise is the thing for you. Travel to private beaches, taste the French cuisine, and immerse yourself in the Polynesian culture. When Caribbean ships are packed with families and children, a South Pacific cruise treats adults to a romantic and truly unique experience.

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