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A vacation tip that budget travelers should be aware of when planning a Mexican vacation is if their destination is a cruise ship port. If this is the case you are going to want to avoid shopping and major tourist spots on cruise ship days because prices are very likely to increase during these days. If you are dead set on visiting a cruise ship port destination for your vacation then you should plan a low cost activity to do during the day that a cruise ship will be docked.


Before you set off for your vacation you should educate yourself with the exchange rates so that you will be able to properly budget your money. Normally you can plan on one American dollar equaling 10 Mexican pesos but you should be sure to double check those figures before you begin your vacation. You should get yourself a small calculator and convert money on it a few times while you are in your hotel room before you venture out into the marketplace and go out to see other attractions. This way you will be absolutely what you are paying for everything.

You will also want to want to familiarize yourself with Mexican tipping customs. This way you will know whom you should be tipping and who you should not be tipping. For instance cab drivers generally do not expect to be tipped however you should tip grocery store baggers. Knowing the tipping customs will be a big help to staying within your budget.

Always be sure to check travel websites when you are planning your trip, as you never know what kind of great deals you will be able to find. Many times when you make reservations for hotel rooms and airfare you can get a package deal and a nice discount.

Mexican vacations can be a lot of fun without you needing to spend a large amount of money. All you need to do is take the time to plan properly and enjoy your getaway.

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