Now Is The Time To Start Your Cruise Line Career

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With winter’s winds beginning to press in, now is the time when many people start to think about taking a cruise to warmer climates, perhaps touring the Greek Isles, visiting the white sandy beaches of Martinique, or voyaging across the Pacific with stops in Hawai’i, Tahiti and on to Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. Although cruise traffic seems to pick up during the winter months, cruises are popular year ’round.

For the person seeking cruise line employment, now is as good a time as any to pursue work in this exciting field.

Cruise Lines Are Looking For People Just Like You

Yes, cruise lines are hiring as they are always on the look out for capable men and women who enjoy working with people, are comfortable sailing on the seas, and have an adventuresome heart. Hiring slows down just before Christmas, but by early January cruise lines are actively seeking new personnel once again.

Passenger Traffic Is Up Again This Year

Increased customer demand, employee turn over in the form of retirements, resignations and promotions, and a desire to always seek fresh faces are the reasons behind the near constant hiring by most cruise lines.

According to the Cruise Lines International Association, an organization dedicated with promoting and growing the cruise industry, passenger traffic has been rising at an average rate of 7.6% annually from 1980 to 2005, which is the last year statistics are available. Thus, the need for new personnel to staff cruise ships is constant.

How about you? Will this be the time that you start looking at the cruise lines as a possible career choice? If you like to travel, enjoy helping people, and want to further your career ambitions, a career in the cruise line industry could be right for you.

Please check out the links on the sidebar and apply directly to the cruise operator of your choice for employment information. Happy sailing!

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