Pacific And Mexican Riviera Cruises

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Are you looking for an exotic cruise that is off the beaten track, yet still offers as much as a Caribbean cruise? Even though Caribbean cruises are the most popular of all cruise destinations, you do not have to travel there to experience the beaches, the weather, and the culture. There are many other destinations offering the same fabulous experience, though they may not be as well known as the Caribbean.

The first of the lesser known cruise destinations is the Pacific Ocean islands. These include Tahiti, French Polynesia, and Hawaii. If you are planning to take a cruise to any one of these locations, you can expect beautiful weather, beautiful white sand beaches, warm sunny days, and perfect evenings, ideal for stargazing. For many, Tahiti and French Polynesia are further flights than Hawaii or the Caribbean, thus you can expect lighter crowds, perfect for a romantic getaway or even just for some relaxation,

Cabo San Lucas

The second of the lesser known cruise destinations is the Mexican Riviera. For those of you who do not know where the Mexican Riviera is located, it is the west coast of Mexico, where the beautiful weather and sunny days make it the perfect destination. Much of the Mexican Riviera cruises leave from ports in California, making it ideal for anyone living on the west coast. Even better, you may not need to even get on an airplane. Some popular destinations in the Mexican Riviera are Cabo San Lucas and Peurto Vallarta, both of which you have probably heard of.

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