Panama Cruises

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The brand name PANAMA sells like hot-cakes till date and is the most exotic travel destination featuring cruises that offer trip to open-port locations, open sea and to the marvellous Panama Canal.

Originally built to ease the trade distance between Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, Panama cruises serve more than a million tourists every year on-board.

Starting from the major attraction, the Panama Canal Cruise, tourists can enjoy the unmatched experience of crossing the connecting coast of two large water-bodies through the canal. The incredible accessibility of this cruise is justified by the fact that excursions start from many places such as Miami, New Orleans, Seattle and many more.

The unrivalled experience of feeling your cruise-liner getting lifted up to eighty-feet high and smoothly transiting to the other ocean cannot be described in any form of human-literature. Visitors often admire the amazing engineering feat achieved by the developers of this man-made marvel. Kayaking, sailing and exploring the deep Central American forests on Panama Canal railroads are major attractions here.

Golfo Dulce, Corcovdo National park, Darien Junble, Isla de Coiba, Drake Bay and Manuel Antonio National Park are a few beautiful places. The unique diversity in both flora and fauna can be seen very closely since the ships travel right through the forests. Travellers often extend their trips to various destinations like Mexico, San Juan or even certain parts Asia by taking the route through the Panama Canal.

There are many Ocean-liners that offer cruises to this destination. Coral Princess, Island Princess and Pacific Princess are the big players in this industry which not only include facilities like dine-in restaurants, spas and saunas but also world-renowned Casinos and Chic Bars.

Huatulco is a relatively close-by yet unexplored port on the way. Sun-lined beaches and forest hills offer the perfect place for diving, snorkelling and sailing. A horse ride through the dense jungles of Caducifolia is a nostalgic event.

An extended cruise to Panama and Mexican Riviera offer more than your expectations. So enjoy the jaw-dropping picturesque landscapes with a blend of local culture.

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