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A cruise is a great way to fight away the winter blues, especially if you are planning to travel somewhere tropical. The cruise industry has grown quite large over the years and now offers many exotic and tropical locales for you to escape the harsh weather of winter.

Hawaii Surfing

Hawaii has long been a popular travel destination for North Americans, and now offer a large number of cruises. If you are planning to travel to Hawaii by cruise ship, you will have two options. The first option, and probably the most common is to start your cruise in Honolulu and visit some of the other islands. This allows you to see the true beauty of the Hawaiian islands without the need to book flights from each of the islands. These types of cruises usually last around a week, though some may take longer. The second option is to leave from a port on the mainland, the most popular being Mexico or British Columbia, and traveling across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii. These types of cruises usually take two or more weeks, and are a great way to relax.

If you are planning to take a cruise to Hawaii during the winter months, November to March, it is important to keep in mind that these months are also the rainy season. I was recently in Hawaii for two weeks in January, and it rained almost everyday. For the most part the weather is fantastic but in the mornings there was usually light showers. However, these usually passed by mid day, and the weather was beautiful for the rest of the day.

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