Plan A Trip To Havana

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Cuba holidays are on the rise as tourism in the country becomes more and more prominent. Long gone are the days of Cuba being viewed as a total isolationist state that is opposed to outside influences. The increasing rise of the global economy has pushed Cuba’s tourism scene forward.

The center point of all this tourist activity is focused on the city of Havana which is not only the capital of Cuba but also its largest port. It’s an incredibly popular cruise destination. With over 2 million inhabitants, Havana is both the largest city in Cuba and also the largest in the entire Caribbean. It’s well-known for an incredibly rich culture that includes a variety of local art and music as well as a thriving sports scene that is mostly dominated by the Cubans love for baseball.

There are lots of Cuba hotels to stay at in the city of Havana if you aren’t visiting as part of a cruise. Regardless of your accommodations there are tons of opportunities in Havana for tourists. You can see a local baseball game (admission is almost always free) or you can go on one of many available Cuba tours of popular attractions in the city.

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