Plan A Trip To Mauritius

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Mauritius is a little known, but growing in tourist popularity, island in the Indian Ocean that’s just off the southwestern coast of Africa. The island of Mauritius, since it’s 1968 independence, has grown from a primarily poor and farming based nation into a middle-class country with an economy spread amongst many sectors including tourism.


Thanks to it’s mix of various cultures including Chinese, Creole and Indian there’s been a sudden surge in interest from tourists. A vacation to Mauritius will most likely see you visiting white sandy beaches and coral reefs, or traveling into the interior of the island to visit mountains and rainforests. All of these vacation options are made possible thanks to the fantastic weather in Mauritius that one finds while visiting.

The island nation’s biggest draw seems to be for people celebrating their nuptials. Mauritius honeymoons are very popular with newlyweds from all over the world. Many of the resorts on the island offer beachfront honeymoon suites with private balconies and fantastic ocean views. It’s also quite common for entire groups of family and friends to travel to Mauritius to attend the actual wedding ceremony itself. The island is constantly playing host to weddings year round.

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