Private Villas In Huatulco, Mexico

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Huatulco, Mexico, is a very popular Mexican vacation destination located on the Pacific side of Oaxaca. The area of Huatulco is actually comprised of nine separate bays that run along approximately 25 kilometers of coastline. The largest of these bas, Bahia de Santa Cruz, is considered the epicenter of tourist activities in the region.

Finding a place to stay in Huatulco can be difficult because of the rush of tourist activity. A common alternative to staying in a high priced hotel or resort is to find a one of the many local Huatulco villas to rent. These villas are privately owned and rented out to tourists visiting the area on business or vacation.

Huatulco villa rentals can be found easily online. Sites generally contain searchable listings of all the available villas with their seasonal pricing. Aside from cost, a typical listing online will also include multiple photos of the villa rental as well as information on the size and amenities provided on the property.

Vacationers looking for a particularly special place to stay should consider the Camino Real Zaashila region of Huatulco. The villas here are part of a much larger hotel/resort arrangement. While it is part of a large resort, the villas are built in such a way as to provide a sense of relaxation and privacy.

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