Red Rock Canyon Tours

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As one of the most beautiful spots to view landscape in Nevada, the Red Rock Canyon is a vast valley where magazine shoots and movie productions occur as a stunning backdrop. The magical hot air balloon rides. Usually a few rolls of blackjack will wake you up, but when you drive to the launch site and meet with the professional staff and crew, no slot machine can get your adrenaline pumping as much as this adventure.

Red Rock Canyon

To begin, your pickup time will depend on the month you staying in Vegas, the weather patterns, and which days of the week you plan on taking the ride. The real fun begins immediately with the exciting pump of the inflation of each hot air balloon and within minutes, you high above the beautiful Nevada pasture. You will be able to see all of the Vegas hotels at the tip of their peak and will also be seeing some of the most beautiful parts of Mother Nature as you see some of the most colorful and weathered rock in all of the United States. Prices for an excursion usually run upwards of $300-600 per outing and lessons and all equipment are included.

Photo by: John Evans

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