Spiritual Retreats In Sedona

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Spiritual retreats to Sedona, Arizona, are a great way to get closer to nature and understand more about yourself and to seek physical, mental and spiritual healing. The most popular type of spiritual retreat in Sedona is known as a Sedona Vortex Experience. During a Vortex Experience, your guide will take you to a Sacred place in the region, secluded from the general public, to help you connect with the environment and meet your spiritual needs. The real beauty of a Sedona Vortex Experience is that it is different for everyone. No two people will have the same experience at the same time, or on multiple visits.

Shamanism, a partnership with nature to heal people, is a major focus during a spiritual retreat in Sedona. The emphasis is on being one with the pieces of nature around you including the rocks and plants. During a typical vortex experience, your guide will frequently be communicating with his surroundings.

You can learn more about shamanism and our connection to nature by reading the books in the Ringing Cedars series. There are a total of eight books in all that discuss the importance of honoring and connecting to nature today.

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