Stag Weekends In Manchester

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Extended bachelor parties, better known as stag weekends, are the new trend these days. Grooms-to-be looking for one last getaway before they settle into married life are no longer satisfied with just one night out on the town with their friends. The feeling now is that a weekend away before the big wedding day is a much better plan for guys about to end their single life. This is becoming increasingly common in the United Kingdom, even more so than in America, in recent years. No where is it more popular than in the city of Manchester.

Manchester stag weekends are usually put on by local companies to help relieve any of the stress involved with planning and staging upwards of two to even three days worth of events. There are a wide variety of activities you can participate in during your Manchester stag weekend. Some of the more popular packages include tickets and accommodations for a soccer fans, tours of the cities best nightclubs, a trip around town on a party bus, a weekend of paintball with and against your friends or an entire weekend at the race track. That’s only a short list of all of the things you can see and do during your stag weekend in Manchester.

Stag parties in the UK, and long bachelor parties in the US, will only continue to grow in popularity as more and more events and options are made available. For those of you in the United Kingdom, this phenomenon isn’t only restricted to Manchester. The same kind of stag weekends, and stag service providers, can be found in places like Brighton, Liverpool, Blackpool and Edinburgh. If your group isn’t against a bit of air travel, you can also have a great stag weekend in places like Dublin or outside of the UK in Prague or Amsterdam.

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