The Biggest Secrets In Travel

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I was recently reading a post over at Trip Extras about travel secrets and it made me think of a few on my own. Some of the biggest secrets in travel are hidden inside the airport. Here are a few tips I’ve discovered when traveling that you mind find useful. Using these tips can save you both time and money the next time you hop on a flight to an exotic destination or just for a simple business trip.

For starters, did you know that the Transportation Security Administration keeps a detailed list of each security checkpoint at every U.S. airport? They also publish the average waiting time, by the hour, for each of those checkpoints as well. This is a great way to plan out just how long you’re going to be stuck in line and how early you should arrive at the airport.


Another secret about air travel can be found in frequent flyer miles. Everyone has them but few people ever really take full advantage of them. A lot of times you can’t find the deals you want online for your miles so you give up. If you’re willing to spend a bit to talk directly on the phone with a reservation agent at the airline you have a much better chance of finding the right flight for your miles. The extra expense in using the phone will pay off in the long run when you actually get to use your frequent flyer miles the way you want.

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