The Fastpass At Walt Disney World And Universal Orlando

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What is a Fastpass? The Fastpass was created by Disney so that its park guests do not have to wait forever in line for a specific ride. Not all rides have the Fastpass available but the more popular thrill rides accommodate. The only way you can get a Fastpass is when you go to a Fastpass Station by the ride entrance and use your park entrance ticket. You enter your ticket and you get a small pass and it will times on it like – “Enter Between 3:00 and 5:00pm”- Then you come back to the ride during those times and go to the Fastpass Return Entrance. You show the Cast Member the Fastpass and you walk to the front of the time with little or no wait.

Walt Disney World

If you don’t feel like waiting for the Fastpass, Universal Orlando offers something exactly like the Fastpass named the Universal Express Pass. The only difference of these two passes is that instead of standing in line like usual for both, you can purchase the Express pass booklet for $50 which includes all of the rides for the park and two tickets for each ride.

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