The Trouble With Working On A Cruise Ship

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For a traveler, there are probably few things greater than a relaxing vacation on a cruise ship.

If you’re thinking about finding work on a cruise ship, however, don’t expect to have the same experience. Working on a cruise ship can be tough. Here are a few things to be aware of before you decide to dive right in and find work on a cruise ship.

Long Hours

Life on a cruise ship is about long hours working to make everyone on board’s vacation as pleasurable as possible. When you start working on a cruise ship you’re essentially “at work” for 24 hours a day until your contract is up.

Speaking of the contract, be prepared to not have any days off until the agreed upon term in your contract is over. Do a good job on board and you’ll probably be offered another contract. Perform in a lackluster fashion and expect to be going home and never coming back.

Living Conditions

Are you seasick or afraid of close quarters? You might want to reconsider working on a cruise ship. Living on a boat for weeks, or months, straight is not the same as living on the mainland. If you don’t think you can handle being at sea that long then maybe you should look at other employment options.

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