Toronto Cruises

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Toronto cruises are a popular vacation and recreation idea thanks to the city’s prime location on Lake Ontario. The Toronto Harbour, situated on the northern shore of the lake, is the perfect destination for a cruise. The harbour is the center of commercial and recreational water activities in Toronto. The western side, known as the Harbourfront, is full of parks and hotels for tourists.

An ideal vacation idea for locals who want to get away for a day and see their city from a viewpoint they may not be accustomed to are Toronto harbour cruises. Typical cruises in Toronto take place on luxury yachts built exclusively for the purpose of giving guests a first-class experience on the waters of Lake Ontario.

A Toronto dinner cruise is ideal for any company looking to put together a tremendous corporate event. Many local businesses and institutions put on a dinner cruise to impress current and potential clients and patrons.

Most harbour cruises run between April and December with the most popular cruises coming around Christmas time. You’ll want to make a reservation as soon as possible, even months in advance, to assure that you can get the Toronto cruise experience that you want.

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