Travel To The Florida Panhandle

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The Florida Panhandle is the small stretch of land in northwest Florida that goes from Alabama to Georgia. The Gulf of Mexico lies to the south of the panhandle.

Because of its geographical location in the state, the Florida Gulf Coast is considered to be more culturally connected to the “Deep South” states of America. The attitudes and demeanors of the locals relate more to this area of the country than Floridians living farther south in cities like Fort Myers or Miami.

Aside from the people, who are kind and welcoming to guests, the weather and geography of the region is very similar to other southern states like Alabama than it is to the southern portion of Florida. In fact, at one time Alabama was considering purchases the panhandle from the state of Florida but eventually passed.

That’s a serious blunder in history because the Florida Panhandle is a tourist hotspot. During Spring Break, Panhandle cities like Pensacola, Tallahassee and Panama City are bursting at the seams with tourist activities for college students. The Florida Panhandle has since gone on to become the economic powerhouse of the entire state thanks to its travel industry.

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