Vacation Guide To Milan

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If you’re considering Italy as your next holiday destination, you may not make it to every historical city or hamlet, but the one place that’ll certainly feature in your visit list is Milan. One hears stories about Rome when growing up because of its ancient status, but Milan on the other hand is the face of modernity in Italy. Incidentally it’s also the 2nd largest city in Italy. As such, you can only begin to imagine how busy the place can be and how much there’ll be to soak in.


Milan is packed with activity that caters to the better senses of most locals and visitors. First thing what do you love ding when holidaying? It’s got to be shopping and Milan is certainly a shopper’s paradise and you’ll find outlets of all major brands. It’s true that nightlife is thriving here and culture will find a new meaning once you visit a few operas that can range from classic to melodrama but at the end of the evening will certainly keep you spirited.

When in Milan, just because you’re staring modernity I the face it doesn’t mean you won’t have the pleasure of checking its history because everything is held together and blended in its modern culture beautifully.

While roaming the streets of Milan, you never know who you’ll bump into because it’s true that the paparazzi thrive here. If it’s got anything to do with fashion, or supermodels, this is the place where you’ll see it all in its grandeur. If you’re concerned about getting around Milan you can trust their railway, buses, cars, trams, metro, taxis, and even choose to walk around to discover more. The Radiobus is a very decent travel option as it works out to be very economic. Malpensa is home to the largest international airport in Milan, and then there’s the Linate airport that’s equally efficient despite its tiny size.

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