Visit Anaconda, Montana And Storm Lake

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Anaconda, Montana is one of the lesser known, yet probably one of the most fun travel destinations in the United States. You can rent a room, above the Harp and Thistle Pub for only $140 per week. No matter where you stay in the city, you will be within walking distance of almost everything in town, from any of the ten casinos, all of which offer nickel slots, to the Rocky Mountain Brewery, or the Washoe Theater, which is considered to be on of the most beautiful theaters in the country by the Smithsonian Institute. The Washoe Theater still offers $4 movies and only charge 90 cents for a small popcorn. Try to find a deal like that any where else. If you like to play golf, you can play a round at the Jack Nicholas designed course, called the Old Works Golf Course.


However, the real beauty of Anaconda is a 14 mile drive west of the town, at a site called Storm Lake. Located 8,000 feet above sea level, the lake is known for its trout fishing. If you are able to manage the hike along the east side of the lake, you will come to the Anaconda Pintler Wilderness Area. Another hour beyond that and you will reach the Storm Lake Pass, where you can continue into the tundra of Goat Meadow, or into the seemingly endless wilderness of lakes and mountains. You will usually never come across any other people, with only the bears, birds, and goats to keep you company.

Photo by: Steve Ralston

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