Visit The Nile On An African Cruise

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In this day and age you may be a little skeptical about traveling to Africa, specifically Egypt or near the Middle East. However, a great alternative to traveling to continental Africa is an African cruise. Cruise down the Nile, through the Suez Canal, and safari on the mainland; the possibilities are endless. Furthermore, if you are like me and can’t handle being on a boat on the sea, a nice relaxing cruise on a river may be a great option for you. And don’t think you will miss out on the beautiful warm weather of a Caribbean cruise if you choose an African cruise, you will still experience the same beautiful weather while you travel through ancient history.

The Nile

The number one stop for a Nile cruise is the ancient temples and tombs along Egypt’s bank of the river. You will feel as if you have traveled back in time 2000 years to Ancient Egypt, while people living in mud brick huts tend to their crops on the river bank.

Egypt is not the only site you will experience. Depending on the cruise line you are traveling with, you may have the option to participate in on land safaris in the great African Savannah. Ride alongside grazing zebras, prancing antelopes, and if you are lucky, you may see a pack of lions, sleeping under the shade of a tree to escape the heat.

There you have it, a great African vacation without the need, or danger, of traveling to Continental Africa. Though an African cruise may not seem as glamorous or exotic as a Caribbean cruise, it definitely is. You will experience the cultural and the history of Africa a way you may never have expected.

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