Visiting Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is a Central American country that boasts beautiful, unspoilt coastlines. Head inland just a few hours and you can find breathtaking mountains with panoramic views of the country side. Tourists can go to volcanoes, go white water rafting on the many pristine rivers or hiking in the natural rain forest of the country. With a range of unique ecosystems – Costa Rica is recognised as an excellent choice of nature lovers wanting to get away from it all. The scenery cannot be described in words, but a quick search online should reveal just some of the wonders of the country.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country that has no military and a strong focus on high quality education for everyone. In fact the literacy rate is the highest in all the Americas – including the United States. The local Tico people are known for their hospitable and friendly manner – and don’t be surprised to run into a number of ex-pats residing in the country.

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