You Can Guarantee You Won’t Get Hired!

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When seeking a new job, you hope that you will pass the interview and get hired, right? Well, why else would you go on an interview in the first place? To be entertained?

Unfortunately, job candidates will sometimes do their best to sabotage their job search including some things which are clearly wrong and others that aren’t so obvious. Before you go on your next interview, you just may want to rethink how you will present yourself to a potential employer.

How To Ensure That You Won’t Get Hired

Arrive Late — Oh, this is a real killer! If you have an interview scheduled, you should arrive about fifteen minutes ahead of time, but plan on being a full half hour early if traffic is a concern. Sure, cars can break down and your daycare plans could fall through, but the burden is on you to call ASAP to let the interviewer know that your plans have fallen through. Ask for a different interview time, but please note: some people simply do not tolerate excuses!

Dress Inappropriately — Tattoos are acceptable if you work at a bar, a pawn shop or other position frequented by working class folks, but lots of white collar and service-oriented employers will balk at your display. Cover it up, all of the way up or risk being passed up in the job selection process. Oh, by the way, pierced eyebrows, tongues and anything other than pierced ears is a real turn off. Please, your shocking pink hair has got to go!

Talk About Yourself — Sure, interviewing your potential employer is important but don’t get carried away. You are at the interview to answer their questions and pitch what you bring to the table. The interview is less about you, but more about what you can do for the company.

Appear Disorganized — Besides being dressed inappropriately, you can come across as being disorganized in a number of ways. Did you forget to bring a copy of your resume? Are your references out of date? Did you forget to bring a pen for the job application? Is your cell phone ringing in the middle of the interview (worse still: did you answer it?) Anything that you do which gives an appearance that you cannot comport yoursef in a professional manner is a red flag human resources personnel will look for.

Drift or Not Pay Attention — You should never come to an interview hungry or thirsty and you should use the bathroom before meeting with your interviewer. If you are tired, you’ll find yourself drifting and missing important parts of the conversation. Guess what? You need to be as sharp as a tack in order to be considered for any position.

There are other ways to ensure you won’t get hired including: lying on your resume, providing incorrect contact information, being unqualified for the job, not looking the interviewer in the eye, interrupting the conversation, blabbing about your personal life, and more.

Cruise lines are looking for solid job candidates, particularly those who can work well with the public, which is their customer base. Don’t rule yourself out of the job market by committing these and other interviewing errors — too many people do, but what about you?

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